The general purpose of the IHSSF annual recognition program is to recognize and promote overall excellence and outstanding contributions to the IHSSF, IAHSS and/or to the field of healthcare security, safety or risk management. Unless otherwise indicated, awards will be presented at the IAHSS Annual General Meeting.

Overview of the awards program

Recognition Brochure

Award Brochures - for a complete description of each award please click on the award.

Lindberg Bell Outstanding Facility

Distinguished IAHSS Chapter

Russell L. Colling Literary Achievement Medal

Philip A. Gaffney Faculty Chair

Medal of Valor

Medal of Merit

Medal of Distinction

Distinguished Lifework Medal

Awards Committee

The Foundation President shall appoint an Awards Committee annually. The Committee shall consist of no less than a Chairperson and two members. All committee members must be current IHSSF Board members, IAHSS members in good standing or Life Members.

Selection of Award Recipients

The Awards Committee shall, with the exception of the Elwood (Woody) G. Near Presidential Award select qualified recipients for each award according to the following criteria established by the Board of Directors. The Chairperson of the Awards Committee will notify all nominees of the committee's decision by the first of April of each year. All decisions and determinations of the Awards Committee are final. Decisions will be based solely upon the material submitted as part of the nomination. All award applications and supporting documentation become the property of the IHSSF and will not be returned. The Awards Committee will not divulge or discuss with nominees or nominators any information regarding the selection of award recipients. If, after reviewing all award submissions for a specific category, the Awards Committee or Board of Directors feels that if no nominee is deserving of the award, the award will not be presented for that year.

Award Nominations

Nominations may be submitted by any IAHSS member in good standing, administrator of a healthcare facility or manager of a contract security provider employing an IAHSS member in good standing, Chapter, or Region. Nominations and supporting materials must be received by the IHSSF Awards Committee by January 15th of each calendar year. Nominees and submittals for IHSSF awards should be either individual or a compilation of acts, services or contributions undertaken by an individual or group within the year immediately preceding the nomination. All submitted nominations and supporting materials become the property of the IHSSF, and will not be returned.

All award inquiries, nominations and supporting documentation should be forwarded to:

IHSSF Awards Committee, P.O. Box 5038, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 USA
Telephone: (888) 353-0990 Fax: (630) 529-4139 e-mail:

Nomination forms - please click on the individual award nomination under the specific awards.

Notification of Recipients' Facility

When the Chairperson of the Awards Committee notifies each recipient that he or she will receive an award, the Chairperson will obtain the name and address of each recipient's chief executive officer and public relations director, as well as any local news media that should be notified. The Association President will send a letter to the chief executive officer of each healthcare facility and/or contract security provider whose employee or department will receive an award, notifying them of the nature of the award and inviting them to attend the Awards Banquet at the Annual General Meeting. The Chairperson of the Awards Committee will send a press release to each facility's public relations department and/or any local news media as identified by each recipient.

Presentation of Awards

All awards will be presented at the Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the IAHSS Annual General Meeting. If a recipient cannot attend, the President will make arrangements for a suitable presentation by a member of the Board of Directors or Regional Chairperson at an IAHSS seminar, chapter meeting or other suitable occasion.

Publication of Award Recipients on IHSSF website

A cumulative list of the recipients of all IHSSF awards will be published on the IHSSF website under the specific awards.